We’re a local artisan bakery and café that serves fresh pastries, wholesome breads, rustic cakes, nourishing food and drinks to satisfy every mood. We’re a place where food lovers come together to create memories in a welcoming, cozy and chic space.

We put our heart and soul into everything we serve. From the artisanal breads, pastries and cakes to the nourishing comfort food and freshly brewed coffee, we put all our passion and imagination into creating some unique wholesome treats for everyone. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing the smiles that follow a first bite into the food from our carefully curated menu.

Everything on our menu and on display at our pastry counter are made with great thought and attention to detail. Our recipes are inspired by our own family favourites and nostalgia, as well as global trends and palates. We trial, we test, we research, we test some more, all in our efforts to present what we feel in our hearts to be the best that we can offer.

Guests can choose to either dine inside or in the al-fresco settings that wrap the café. Those in a hurry can opt for many of our grab-and-go delicacies.